Saturday, April 23, 2016

The SunCell

SunCell Prototype
Then you see beautiful golden light emerge, flickering, with molten metal spitting out like a volcano boiling over. It is fragile, struggling, and almost masked by the smoke of vaporized metal that plumes from the reaction.  
Beyond the smoky plume is a light that grows, steady but surely, penetrating through, until it enraptures you in its golden light, like watching a glowing campfire in the middle of the night. And though you don't expect it, it grows still, washing over you in waves of golden warmth, and when you feel it could not be more beautiful, the gold, now solid and unwavering, grows to white, and the white begins to beam. It washes out everything in your peripheral vision, and you find yourself staring into an impossible brilliance. 
The night no longer exists, for the campfire has become the sun.

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