Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The BlackLight Rocket Thruster

4 days left!

With the kickstarter on track to be a success, Matt was anxious to get started! And started we did, with one of the most difficult and complex figures in the book.
This is the vacuum test chamber Anthony Marchese used as part of a NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts study for a rocket thruster adapting the BlackLight hydrogen-neon plasma cell. We are still working some of the kinks out this very complicated drawing, but it gives a good idea of the approach we are taking for the book.

Anyone recognize Fritz? He discovered the hydrino in the 1930's, but didn't know it.

Thanks again for everyone who is helping out. As a reminder, those with the highest funding contributions will get first pick of the illustrations from the book! But I also expect that we will have enough to go around, so everyone will find something special inserted into their copy.

Meanwhile, I put in few long days of writing and got over the hump. I have a draft. Some minor edits left, and I will be ready to hand over the manuscript.

Visit the kickstarter to reserve your copy of the book!



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